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Wire and cable chipper

Jun 28, 2020

Everyone knows Wire Chipping Machine, but are you clear about its principle? As an professional supplier of a wire chipping machine, we must understand the principle of it. Let's take a look.

Wire Chipping Machine

Wire Chipping Machine

The basic physical principle is that free cations and electrons accumulate in the field and quickly form an ionized conductive channel. At this stage, two currents are formed. Leading to numerous collisions between particles, forming a plasma zone, and quickly rising to a high temperature of 8000 to 12000 degrees, melting some materials instantaneously on the surface of the two conductors. And at the same time, forming a bubble due to vaporization of the electrodes and the dielectric fluid. And its pressure rules rise until it is very high. Then the current is interrupted and the temperature suddenly drops, causing the bubble to blast inward. The generated power throws the dissolved material out of the crater, and then the corroded material recondenses into a small sphere in the dielectric liquid and is drained by the dielectric liquid. Then, through the NC-controlled monitoring and control, the servo mechanism performs the uniformity of the discharge phenomenon, so that the processed product is processed to become a product of a desired size and shape accuracy.

Therefore, it is really remarkable that human beings can use the laws of nature.

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