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[Resistance Test Instrument for sale]Positive sequence impedance measurement

May 24, 2019

Positive sequence impedance measurement

 What are the requirements during the measurement of positive sequence impedance of cable lines?Shares by Resistance Test Instrument manufacturer.

A: the phasor sum of the ac resistance of the cable conductor and the three same inductance of the cable is called positive sequence impedance.

Positive sequence impedance of cable line generally can directly measure on cable, generally use the lower voltage measurement, therefore, need to be done with a step-down transformer step-down, step-down transformer USES the star connection, generally for more than 10 kva capacity, has a wide range of voltage regulation, when measuring ac power should be stable, so as to ensure the measurement to achieve the requirements of the current, the actual meter reading values must be the cable voltage, test current best close to cable allows carrying capacity for a long time, read the meter measurement value, after close the current read at the same time, the value of three tables.

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