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Wire And Cable Detection Equipment

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Xingtai Longjia Electronic Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a new modern enterprise specialized in production and sales of cable testing equipment and production equipment. It has a R&D team composed of senior engineers, engineers and technicians, and has applied for and obtained national patents for some products, giving new vitality to its sustainable development.The Company remains dedicated to providing Chinese enterprises in wire and cable industry with wire and cable testing equipment, mainly including UV-light irradiation cross-linking equipment, wire and cable load tester, power frequency AC voltage tester, power frequency EDM, heat aging test chamber, electric bridge, insulation resistance tester, thermostatic waterbath, projector, electronic tensile testing machine, wire and cable chipping

machine, cross-linked cable chipping machine, sheet-punching machine, wire coiling and winding and torsional machine, electronic scale, density balance, fire-resistant and flame retardant testing device, cryogenic box, low-temperature stretching, winding and impact device, which can meet the process inspection needs for products covered in CCC/MA/production license. Based on customer feedback through market research, the Company has independently researched and developed the touch-type UV-light irradiation cross-linking production equipment (UV-LJ), upgraded SUV-LJ irradiation cross-linking machine and LEDUV machine to improve production efficiency due to the tedious production process and longer cooking time of silane cross-linking.

The Company has started working with Hefei Smarter Technology Group and Zumbach Electronic AG to jointly develop wire and cable production equipment and online inspection equipment since 2012, and has been widely praised by its users. In fact, the word-of-mouth sales mode is the Company’s biggest selling point.For the purpose of economic construction relying on science and technology, the Company has signed a strategic alliance of industry-university-research cooperation regarding science and technology with Hebei University, Hebei University of Science and Technology, CETC, Hebei Cable Research Institute and Zhengzhou Cable Technical School, respectively. After many years of cooperation, it has made outstanding achievements in science and technology, and become a teaching base for Hebei University, Hebei University of Science and Technology and Zhengzhou Cable Technical School. The Company always adheres to the “market-oriented and customer-centered” management strategy, the fundamental principle of “first-class technology, first-class talent and first-class mechanism” and the management idea of “technology first, quality first and service uppermost” as well as the enterprise management policy of “keeping up with market trend, constantly pursuing perfection and striving for excellence”, hoping to sincerely cooperate, go forward hand in hand and cast brilliantly with domestic well-known enterprises and institutions as well as design organizations.

Wire And Cable Peripheral Equipment

Enterprise Spirit:

(I) Science—The spirit of upholding science and daring to innovate; the spirit of drawing on others’ successful experience and being diligent in learning; the spirit of striving for excellence and pursuing first class.

(II) Cooperation—The spirit of paying attention to the overall situation and dedication; the spirit of integrity, fusion and teamwork.

(III) Progress—The spirit of being hardworking and daring to be the first.

Enterprise Style:

(I) Realistic and pragmatic—The spirit of being honest and trustworthy and striving for substantial results.

(II) Struggle tenaciously—The spirit of being brave to win.

Business Philosophy:

(I) Cooperate honestly—Participate in bidding in line with the integrity of entire performance.

(II) Rational management—Never sacrifice long-term interests for immediate interests and pursue long-term cooperation, and never affect the overall interests with local interests to reflect the awareness of overall situation.

Quality Concept:

(I) Strict process—Construct strictly in accordance with process requirements and completely eradicate extensive mode; construct strictly in accordance with operating instruction and completely eradicate randomness; check on strictly in accordance with quality standard and insist on the seriousness principle.

(II) Continuous improvement—Continuously improve the means of quality control; continuously improve the mode of quality management.

Service Concept:

(I) Thorough installation—Carefully read the performance responsibility; meticulously familiarize with process requirements; elaborately plan the construction proposal; painstakingly organize construction management.

(II) Whole-hearted service—Get involved in advance to provide customers with proxy service; be committed to providing customers with commitment service; consider from the other side’s perspective to provide customers with premium service.

Technology Concept:

(I) Factualism is the foundation—Adhere to the work style of seeking truth from facts, stick to the solemn attitude of respecting science and insist on the sacred duty of handling affairs in line with scientific laws.

(II) Innovation is the soul—Always pay attention to the innovative objective of improving productivity and innovative orientation of independent research and development.

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