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  • LED-UV1 type UV-light irradiation cross-linked cable equipment
  • LED-UV1 type UV-light irradiation cross-linked cable equipment
  • LED-UV1 type UV-light irradiation cross-linked cable equipment

LED-UV1 type UV-light irradiation cross-linked cable equipment

Product Details

UV LED devices are the most advanced UV radiation sources in the world, characterized by extremely high energy efficiency (about 30%), extremely high selectivity of effective wavelength (half-power wavelength broadband: 5nm), extremely long service life (40,000 hours), low infrared heat and no ozone, making them more suitable for the cross-linking and solidity of cross-linked polyolefin and other materials.

LED-UV type UV LED irradiation polyolefin cross-linked equipment adopts a circular cavity tunnel structure, installs a self-developed UV LED light source and forms a tunnel to the central area, whose radiant power can be infinitely set within the scope of 0~100%.

Compared with traditional mercury lamp type irradiation cross-linked equipment (traditional transformer-drive UV-LJ and electronic power supply-drive LSUV-LJ), electronic accelerating cross-linker and silane cross-linking, it has the following advantages:

Low cost

Low energy consumption

Short period of time

Small volume and easy installation

Easy operation

Long service life and low maintenance cost

No ozone

Green and environmental protection

Equipment name

LED-UV1 (UV Irradiation Cross-linking Machine
Item No.

Power supply
 AC380V 3 φ 50HZ(3 lines with a diameter of 5) MAX:20KW
(The power above includes the water chiller and fume purification device)

UV-light irradiation cross-linking of wires and cables
Applicable size
 Effective irradiation diameter   0-60MMeffective irradiation length     1000MM
UV power supply system

Customized using Japanese COSEL power supply technology to monitor the working conditions of lamps. Have the functions of overheat protection, over-temperature protection, over-voltage protection and over-current protection.
Lamp source

Have 14 UV LED lamp banks to form a circumference. Use Nhia chips and liquid cooling mode for heat dissipation to extend the service life of LED, and adopt advanced focusing optical system design to ensure quick cross-linking reaction.
Service life of modulator tube

Modulator tube has a service life of 30,000-40,000 hours.
Speed of outgoing line

Specification 25mm²-50mm²     insulation thickness 0.9-1.0mmSpeed of outgoing line ≤50m-100m/minSpecification 70mm²-95mm²     insulation thickness 1.1mmSpeed of outgoing line ≤50m-80m/minSpecification 120mm²-150mm²    insulation thickness 1.2-1.4mmSpeed of outgoing line ≤40m-60m/minSpecification 185mm²-240mm²    insulation thickness 1.6-1.7mmSpeed of outgoing line ≤35m-45m/minSpecification ≥300mm²     insulation thickness ≥2.0mmSpeed of outgoing line ≤35m-45m/min
Structural design

Lamp source is opened and closed up and down and turned backwards.
Electrical power supply is integrated with light box to save space, making the design elegant.

SS41# steel plate used inside and outside is varnish-baked after rust prevention.
Lamp bank is made of aluminum alloy with good heat dissipation performance.
Cooling mode

Water chiller is installed externally, and cooling liquid is used for circulating cooling.
Control panel

Human-computer interface, start switch, stop switch and emergency stop. (Electric appliance shall be provided by international premium brands)
Safety device

Moulded case circuit breaker, exhaust motor overload protection, emergency switch in case of an abnormality and alarm while the light is off.

3M power line

LED-UV1 type UV-light irradiation cross-linked cable equipment

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