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How To Choose Fireproof Materials For Fire Resistant Cables?

Mar 30, 2022

The cable fire-retardant and fire-retardant materials are composed of series of materials such as flame-retardant light-type closed box, light-type fire-resistant partition, organic fire-blocking material and fireproof coating. It is suitable for cable fire protection of various voltage levels, which can effectively realize the fireproof separation of cable passages and prevent cable fire and flame.

When we use a cross-linked polyethylene power cable in a short circuit or near an open flame, it will cause flame retardation due to the flame, especially when the multiple cables are concentrated. Therefore, it is very important to take reasonable cable fire prevention measures to prevent the spread of cable fires.

The so-called fire-resistant cable is a cable that can operate normally for a certain period of time under specified flame conditions, or a cable that can keep the line intact under combustion conditions.

1. Selection of conductor material and conductive core structure

The melting point of aluminum conductor is 685 °C and the fire resistance temperature is 750+50 °C according to GB/T 19216. It is obvious that the aluminum conductor can not be used as fire-resistant cable; the melting point of copper is above 1000 °C, so it can be used as fire-resistant cable. Conductor.

Copper wire with a cross-section of 1.0mm2 or less does not melt at high temperatures. However, since the core is too thin, it is easily broken due to local overheating and slight external influence, and the normal energization function is lost. Therefore, 1.0mm2 or less is not recommended. The copper wire is made of fire resistant cable.

Large-section cable fan-shaped core conductors are not easy to be fire-resistant cables, and round core conductors are suitable for fire-resistant cables. Because the circular structure is smoother than the surface of the fan-shaped structure, the force of the mica tape is relatively uniform, and the mica tape is not damaged, and the circular structure saves the mica tape than the fan-shaped structure, and the cost is low.

2. Selection of insulating materials

The common insulating materials for fire-resistant cables are mostly PVC and PE, XLPE, etc., but the effect of PE, XLPE is better than PVC, because at 750+50 °C, the insulation of the cable has not burned, but different insulation. The residual materials after burning have different effects on the mica tape.

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