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  • KH-300 Heat Aging Test Chamber
  • KH-300 Heat Aging Test Chamber

KH-300 Heat Aging Test Chamber

Product Details

Performance and usage:

KH-300 type heat aging test chamber is mainly used for the heat aging test under natural ventilation in wire and cable, plastic, rubber and other industries. It can also be used for high temperature test in the labs of industrial and mining enterprises, research and development institutes and universities and colleges.

The device is manufactured on the basis of fully learning from similar products at home and abroad, which is characterized by sensitive temperature control, good temperature uniformity, large effective space, stable performance and convenient use and maintenance, etc. After detection in the special test equipment monitoring station of Shanghai Cable Research Institute, it meets the requirements of the national standard GB/T2951.12—2008 in terms of structure and performance.

Main technical indicators:

Mains voltage  220V

Temperature fluctuation  ±1℃

Rated power  3KW

Temperature uniformity  ±2℃

Inside dimensions  550*550*450MM

Temperature range: Ambient temperature—300℃

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