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  • Anti-Cracking Winding (Thermal Shock) Tester

Anti-Cracking Winding (Thermal Shock) Tester

Product Details

Scope of application: It is applicable to PVC wires and cables and windings before the cracking test under high temperature conditions. As an auxiliary tool for the cracking test on wires and cables, it is also suitable for the winding test on soft wires in other industries.

Standard: GB/T 2951-2008;

Technical parameters:

  •  Maximum winding diameter φ12.5mm

  •  Maximum winding width 72mm

  •  Maximum winding length 200mm

  •  Mandril φ2、φ4、φ5、φ6、φ8、φ9、φ10、φ13、φ19、φ40

  •  Dimensions 242mm×160mm×80mm

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