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  • Electronic Density Balance
  • Electronic Density Balance

Electronic Density Balance

Product Details

I. Introduction

MP3002J electronic density balance is used together with density measuring device with the density measurement accuracy of 1‰. Given its simple, direct and clear operation, it can be used to achieve density measurement of liquids and solids, direct density reading, standard liquid density selection, standard selection and standard volume calibration. In addition, it is applicable to research institutes, electronics industry, rubber industry, wire and cable manufacturing industry, food industry, cosmetics industry, paper industry, machinery processing industry, powder metallurgy industry and automobile industry.


Rapid weighing, high stability, liquid display with soft back lighting, built-in RS232 interface (optional and built-in lower lifting hook for weighing


Quakeproof Grade IV, adjustable weighing speed, scaling within full scale, trackable and adjustable automatic zero position, automatic calibration, automatic fault diagnosis, super overload protection, piece counting and weighing function (%), g, ounce, karat and other units for conversion.

II. Specification parameters

Scale size: Weighing range

Readability: Power source: AC

Calibration mode: External calibration

Scope of application: Liquids and solids

Density display mode: Density is directly displayed

Electronic Density Balance

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