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Vernier Caliper

Product Details

Vernier caliper is a measuring tool for measuring length, inner and outer diameters and depth. It consists of two parts, that is, the main scale and the vernier attached to the main scale. The vernier is an integral whole if looking from the back. The main scale is generally measured in millimeter, while the vernier has 10, 20, or 50 subdivisions. According to different subdivisions, the vernier caliper can be classified into vernier caliper with ten subdivisions, vernier caliper with twenty subdivisions and vernier caliper with fifty subdivisions. There are two movable measuring jaws on the main scale and vernier of the vernier caliper, that is, the internal and external measuring jaws. The internal measuring jaw is usually used to measure inner diameter while the external measuring jaw is usually used to measure length and outer diameter. In addition, the depth gauge is connected to the vernier caliper, which can be used to measure the depth of slot and barrel.

1. Technical indicators:

Measurement range: 150mm

Accuracy: 0.02

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