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Power frequency spark testing machine

May 23, 2022

The Power Frequency Spark Testing Machine is actually an online weak point detecting instrument, which periodically loads the set voltage value onto the insulated wire according to a certain regularity, and the conductor part is grounded, thus forming a voltage difference between the conductor and the insulating surface. Thereby, it is possible to detect whether or not the insulating layer is defective. The cable to be inspected passes through the bead chain high voltage pole, and the test voltage is generated by a power frequency high voltage transformer. When the cable insulation is defective, breakdown occurs, that is, the high-voltage transformer output has a high-voltage spark short circuit, and the short-circuit current is formed from the output end of the high-voltage transformer through the electrode-insulation defect-cable core-earth-high-voltage transformer. Therefore, the power frequency spark tester and the core must be well grounded, otherwise the short circuit current will not form a loop, and may cause dangerous high voltage on the power frequency spark tester casing or cable core.

New Spark Testing Machine operation notes:

What are the precautions for the operation of the power frequency spark tester (wire and cable testing equipment)? From the type of spark machine to the preparation work before the spark machine experiment and the operation flow of the power frequency spark test machine, Xiao Bian gave a detailed explanation for everyone! Power frequency spark test machine operation precautions, I hope everyone carefully read:

1. The power frequency spark test machine must perform performance check before use.

2. The power frequency spark test machine must carefully check whether the power frequency spark test machine and the tested wire and conductive core are reliably grounded before use.

3. Always keep the electrode box clean and dry when using the power frequency spark tester.

4. When the tested wire joint passes through the spark test machine, the spark test cover should be opened, and the joint should be made as smooth as possible to damage the fire test machine.

Power Frequency Spark Testing Machine

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