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Knowledge of wire and cable equipment

Nov 08, 2019

With the development of the times, a variety of high-tech products are constantly updated, in order to prevent unqualified production products from being released to the market. The use of testing equipment is very necessary, it can effectively reduce the non-conforming products into the market.

In order to ensure the safety and health of food, medicine and other products, the production enterprises need to carry out corresponding tests on the pre production, production, packaging links and packaging products, so they must use testing equipment.

There are many kinds of testing equipment. There are many commonly used testing equipment in the factory, including measuring equipment calipers, balance, puncher, etc. in addition, there are quality testing wire detection equipment and analysis instruments, material testing, packaging testing equipment, etc. which are also common testing equipment. In the process of packaging, there are packaging material detector, metal testing equipment, non-metal testing equipment and non-destructive testing equipment. 

Knowledge of wire and cable equipment

Cable testing equipment supplier introduced cable testing equipment :

A through cable is a cable that transmits telephone, telegraph, fax documents, TV and radio programs, data and other electrical signals. It is composed of more than one pair of insulated wires. Compared with the overhead open wire, the communication cable has the advantages of large communication capacity, high transmission stability, good confidentiality, less impact of natural conditions and external interference.


Communication cable refers to the cable used for short-range audio communication and long-range high-frequency carrier and digital communication and signal transmission. It is one of the five major cable products in China. According to the purpose and scope of use of communication cables, they can be divided into six main products, that is, the city communication cables (including paper insulated urban cables, polyolefin insulated polyolefin sheathed urban cables), long distance symmetrical cables (including paper insulation high and low frequency long distance symmetric cables, copper core foam polyethylene high and low frequency long distance symmetrical cables, digital transmission long distance symmetric cables), coaxial cables. It includes small coaxial cable, medium coaxial cable and micro coaxial cable, submarine cable (which can be divided into symmetrical submarine cable and coaxial submarine cable), optical fiber cable (including traditional cable type, ribbon array type and skeleton type), RF cable (including symmetrical RF and coaxial RF). 

Knowledge of wire and cable equipment

Communication cable factories are distributed all over the country. In addition to long-distance communication cables and local telephone cables, fiber optic cables and polyolefin insulation composite sheath all plastic local telephone cables have also made great progress in China. Many domestic manufacturers and scientific research institutions have introduced technology and equipment from abroad to start production. Every year, a small number of polyolefin insulated polyolefin sheathed all plastic local telephone cables are sold to Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. 

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