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The Introduce of The Cable Detection Equipment

Jun 28, 2020

Cable tester is the latest research, design and manufacture in accordance with the requirements of the Chinese industry standard ZBF 24003-90 general technical conditions for portable cable tester. It is a new era scientific and technological product -- portable cable tester. It is applicable to the zinc oxide arrester, magnetic blower, etc. of power department, power department, scientific research unit, railway, chemical industry, power plant, etc The DC high voltage test of arrester, power cable, generator, transformer, switch and other equipment is the most ideal replacement product in the new century. 

The cable detection equipment supplier introduce the cable detection equipment: 

The cable detector adopts high frequency voltage multiplier circuit, takes the lead in the application of the latest PWM high frequency pulse width modulation technology, closed-loop adjustment and large voltage feedback, which greatly improves the voltage stability. Using high-power IGBT device with excellent performance and its driving technology, and according to electromagnetic compatibility theory, using special shielding, isolation and grounding measures. The cable detector is high quality and portable, and can withstand rated voltage discharge without damage.

The main components of the high frequency cable detector are the components with advanced technology of the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries, which make the instrument more reliable and stable. The double pressure cylinder is developed and produced with German technology. The high frequency transformer is specially designed by relevant experts, with small volume, large capacity and strong overload capacity, which is convenient for field operation test. Looking forward to the future, enterprises will continue to actively explore the market. With quality and reputation as life, we will constantly improve the level of science and technology, develop cutting-edge high-quality products to meet the needs of users, strive to develop and re create the brilliance of the new century. 

cable detection equipment

Matters needing attention 

1. Please check whether the connecting wire and grounding wire are correct repeatedly. All parts shall be well grounded. It is forbidden to connect the grounding wires in series. Pay attention to safety distance to ensure personal safety.

2. After each test, return the step-up potentiometer to the zero position (coarse adjustment and fine adjustment), press the green button, cut off the high voltage and turn off the power switch, and finally discharge.

3. Do not turn on the instrument without permission, which will affect the product warranty. The manufacturer shall not be responsible for dismantling by itself.

4. During the transportation of the instrument, rain erosion shall be avoided and collision and falling shall be strictly prevented.

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