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What are the technical parameters of wire and cable inspection indexes?

Nov 19, 2019

We are a cable detection equipment supplier.The Company remains dedicated to providing Chinese enterprises in wire and cable industry with wire and cable testing equipment.

The detection indexes of wires and cables are as follows:

1. Appearance standard: there must be certification mark, manufacturer, wire diameter, etc. on the wire, and yellow green insulating layer shall be used for the ground wire.

2. Mechanical strength

3. Insulation (generally greater than 100m Ω) and withstand voltage strength (more than 500V and less than 1500V) of sheath.

4. Wire resistance (not more than a certain resistance under a certain wire diameter, conductivity and length).

5. Under the high temperature impact of 140 , the wire shall not crack under the low temperature of - 30 .

wire and cable detection equipments' extended data:

Main categories of wires and cables:

Bare wire body products

The main features of this kind of products are: pure conductor metal, without insulation and sheath, such as steel core aluminum strand, copper aluminum bus bar, electric locomotive line, etc.; the processing technology is mainly pressure processing, such as smelting, rolling, drawing, stranding / tight stranding, etc.; the products are mainly used in suburbs, rural areas, main lines of users, switch cabinets, etc.

power cable

The main features of this kind of products are: extruding (winding) the insulating layer outside the conductor, such as overhead insulated cable, or several cores of stranded (corresponding to the phase line, zero line and ground wire of the power system), such as more than two cores of overhead insulated cable, or adding the sheath layer, such as plastic / rubber sheathed wire and cable.

The main processing technologies are drawing, stranding, insulation extrusion (wrapping), cabling, armor and sheath extrusion, etc. different process combinations of various products are different.

Wires and cables for electrical equipment

The main features of this kind of products are: a wide range of varieties and specifications, a wide range of applications, and a large number of voltages up to 1KV. In the face of special occasions, new products are constantly derived, such as fire-resistant cables, flame-retardant cables, low smoke, halogen-free / low smoke, low halogen cables, termite resistant, mouse resistant cables, oil / cold / temperature / wear-resistant cables, medical / agricultural / mining cables, thin-wall wires, etc.

Electronic Densitometer

Electronic Densitometer

Application scope:

Electric power system

The products of wires and cables used in the power system mainly include overhead bare wires, bus bars (buses), power cables (plastic cables, oil paper power cables (basically replaced by plastic power cables), rubber sheathed cables, overhead insulated cables), branch cables (replacing some buses), electromagnetic wires and electrical equipment wires and cables for power equipment, etc.

Information transmission system

Wires and cables used in information transmission system mainly include local telephone cables, TV cables, electronic cables, radio frequency cables, optical fiber cables, data cables, electromagnetic wires, power communication cables or other composite cables.

Mechanical instrument system.

In addition to overhead bare wires, almost all other products have applications, but mainly power cables, electromagnetic wires, data cables, instrument cables, etc.

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