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Preparation Of Insulation Resistance Tester Before Use

Jan 28, 2019

1. Before the measurement, the power of the device under test must be cut off and short-circuited to the ground. The device must not be energized for measurement to ensure the safety of the person and Insulation Resistance Tester .

2. For devices that may induce high voltage, this possibility must be eliminated before measurement can be made.

3. The surface of the object to be tested should be cleaned to reduce the contact resistance and ensure the correctness of the measurement results.

4. Before the measurement, check whether the megohmmeter is in normal working condition, mainly check the two positions of "0" and "∞". That is, the hand crank generator is shaken to bring the motor to the rated speed. When the megger is short-circuited, the pointer should be in the "0" position; when the meter is open, the pointer should be in the "∞" position.

5, the megohmmeter should be placed in a stable and firm place, and away from the large external current conductor and external magnetic field.

In summary, the insulation resistance tester should be used to accurately measure the insulation resistance of electrical equipment. First, we must understand the characteristics of the insulation resistance tester and the preparation work before use. Insulation Resistance Tester Factory has summarized this and hopes to help you.

Insulation Resistance Tester

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