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What Are The Contents Of Electrical Performance Testing For Wires And Cables?

Oct 30, 2022

As we all know, there are combustion performance testing, mechanical performance testing, electrical performance testing and environmental life testing, which correspond to the relevant wire and cable testing equipment. Today, Insulation Resistance Tester Supplier would like to share with you what is the content of wire and cable electrical performance testing? What testing equipment is needed:

Firstly, the electrical performance detection mainly includes DC resistance detection, insulation resistance detection and power frequency withstand voltage detection.

(1) DC resistance detection.

Relevant standards clearly stipulate that the DC resistance of wires and cables should be based on the conductor resistance per kilometer, and the measured DC resistance data of wires and cables must be converted to the DC resistance per kilometer at 20 C. After converting the measured DC resistance value into the DC resistance value at 20 C, if the value is less than the specified standard value, then the sample of the wire and cable is qualified, otherwise it belongs to the unqualified product.

(2) Insulation resistance testing.

Voltage-current method, also known as high resistance meter method, is generally used to detect the insulation resistance of wires and cables. Some wires and cables have metal protective sheaths, which have certain shielding function. For this kind of wires and cables, the insulation resistance between conductor and metal sheath or shield layer or armor layer is mostly measured. For non-metal sheathed wires and cables, when measuring their insulation resistance value, the measured wires and cables must be immersed in water first, and then the insulation resistance between conductor and water is measured. In addition, the test sample should be matched with water temperature.We have high quality Insulation Resistance Tester.

(3) Inspection of power frequency withstand voltage.

Power frequency withstanding voltage is generally measured by AC voltage. The standard stipulates that the AC voltage used is approximately sinusoidal because the frequency is between 49 Hz and 61 Hz; for the products with rated voltage of 450/750V, 1500V high voltage is used when the insulation thickness is less than 0.6mm; for the products with insulation thickness greater than 0.6mm, 2000V high voltage is used, pressurized for 5 minutes. If the tested samples of wires and cables do not break down or flashover, they are qualified products, otherwise they are not qualified.

What Are The Contents Of Electrical Performance Testing For Wires And Cables?cid=96

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