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Working principle of frequency spark tester

Jun 28, 2020

Working principle of frequency spark tester

Working principle of Power frequency spark testing machine, we all know that the power frequency spark tester of the production process must be in accordance with the GB4278, GB3048, UL1581, VDE standards, our power frequency spark from design to production in strict accordance with the standard, in front of the relevant information about the spark tester, manufacturers have share with you, today, the Cable Detection Equipment Factory to discuss a normally frequency spark machine working principle:

Power frequency spark tester is actually an online vulnerability detection instrument, which will load the set voltage value to the insulation line periodically according to a certain rule, and the conductor part is grounded, thus forming an electrical voltage difference between the conductor and the insulation surface, so as to detect whether the insulation layer is defective. The tested cable passes through the bead chain high voltage pole and the test voltage is generated by the power frequency high voltage transformer. When the cable insulation is defective, the breakdown occurs, that is, the high-voltage spark short circuit occurs in the output of high-voltage transformer. The short-circuit current from the output end of high-voltage transformer passes through the electrode -- the insulation defect -- the cable core -- the earth -- the high-voltage transformer to form a circuit. Therefore, both the spark tester and the wire core must be well grounded, otherwise the short circuit current will not be able to form a circuit, and may lead to dangerous high voltage on the spark tester housing or cable core.

This is the working principle of the power frequency spark tester at this point, about the knowledge of the spark tester, manufacturer will share with you here, let's review the, first of all, to share the kinds of spark tester and its advantages and disadvantages, the second is the frequency spark tester preparation, operation steps, operation points for attention, is to share today after the working principle of the power frequency spark tester instrument production of wire and cable testing equipment such as power frequency spark tester, more information about spark machine, everybody can consult Long Jia instrument co., LTD., we will be able to serve you!

Power frequency spark testing machine

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