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How to prevent the constant temperature water bath from rusting?

Jun 29, 2019

How to prevent the constant temperature water bath from rusting?

When using a Thermostatic Waterbath or other experimental equipment, the bladder, shell or some metal parts are prone to rust. As serious corrosion will affect the performance of the equipment and directly affect the experimental results, what should we do in use? Or stop rusting equipment?

1 because the shell USES electrostatic spraying technology, can effectively prevent rust in normal circumstances, but in the corrosive environment, the effect will be weakened, so we recommend the use of Stainless Steel Thermostatic Waterbath in this environment.

2. The water tank adopts all-stainless steel electronic universal testing machine. In this case, the rust capacity will be reduced, but stainless steel does not rust, but it is more corrosion resistant than ordinary metal, so we completed the experiment. Then, drain the water from the sink and let it dry in the air.

3. Human sweat will also lead to equipment rust, sweat is inevitable, in order to avoid hand sweat caused by rust, production personnel or laboratory personnel should carry gloves, gloves, gloves, or use special tools to get parts, do not touch the product with hands.

4. Let me talk about a simple way to apply anti-rust oil:

(1). Soaking method :1. Small articles should be soaked in anti-rust grease to make the surface adhere to a layer of anti-rust grease. By controlling the temperature or viscosity of anti-rust oil, the film thickness of anti-rust oil can be achieved.

(2). The invention is suitable for outdoor construction equipment or special-shaped products which are not suitable for soaking or spraying. Be careful not to pile up when you brush, and avoid missing paint.

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