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[Cable Detection Equipment For Sale]What are the methods of cable laying?

May 28, 2019

What are the methods of cable laying?

What should I pay attention to when laying directly? Under what circumstances? Cable Detection Equipment Supplier shares that for direct buried laying, it is necessary to consider whether the cable is easy to be damaged by external shock.

1. Direct laying is ok if there is no big impact.

2, if it may be subject to some relatively large impact, but the strength can be controlled in a certain range, you can consider armor buried directly.

3. If the external force is greater, protective sleeve should be adopted, which can be set locally (for example, through the highway).

Advantages and disadvantages of direct buried cable laying

Advantages: convenient laying, saving materials and labor,

Disadvantages: poor maintenance. If maintenance is required, the overburden should be removed. Use only where maintenance is not considered or acceptable. Buried directly is generally the need to pad sand.

Cable Detection Equipment Supplier

Question 1. How to find the fault point when the buried cable is grounded?

A: use the circuit cable tester.

Question 2: does the buried cable need to be a cable well?

Question supplement: the cable is laid in the factory, and the armored cable is buried directly. Is it necessary to add cable well at the passageway and the distribution room of the workshop? Is it necessary to add a cable well for municipal 10KV cable entering the plant?

A: cable Wells are not required for cables with 6 cables or less. More cables are provided for easy replacement and addition of cables. Municipal 10KV cable into the plant does not need to set up a cable well, from the terminal rod directly buried to the high voltage distribution cabinet.

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