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Usage and installation of towing cable

Jun 05, 2019

Usage and installation of towing cable

Cable Detection Equipment Manufacturer shares that towing cable is mainly used in industrial automation system, production line system, welding robot, submersible, handling robot, CNC machine tool and metallurgical industry, which need to move back and forth. To prevent cable entanglement, wear, pulling, hanging and straggling, the cable is often placed in the cable tow chain.

Use for towing cable

The ordinary towing cable has the advantages of bending performance, moving flexibility, wear-resisting, oil-resisting and tension-resisting, etc. It is usually used in automatic enterprise assembly line workshop, electric welding machine robot arm, ocean exploration instrument, carving machine and other automatic mobile equipment.

Special cable drag chain with cold resistant, oil resistant, resistant to salt water, chemical resistance, good low temperature resistance, compression resistance and other advantages, is mainly used for outdoor conditions, a tough place to the requirement of cable, such as Marine operation automation system and instruments and meters, neritic robots, with special chemical automation equipment, metallurgical automation enterprises flexible cable drag chain.

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