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  • 5T Digital Display Electronic Tensile Machine
  • 5T Digital Display Electronic Tensile Machine

5T Digital Display Electronic Tensile Machine

Product Details

I. Project introduction:

The domestic digital display electronic universal tester started in early 1990s. The Company is one of the companies that learn from foreign leading technology and research and develop electronic universal tester. To improve the technical level of the Company’s products, the Company has successively learned from advanced technologies at home and abroad, reaching a new high for the technical level of the Company’s products.

II. Scope of application:

The tester adopts TECO AC servo motor as power source; adopts advanced chip integration technology, and can test, analyze and study the mechanical properties of various metals, non-metals and composite materials. In addition, it is widely used in aerospace, petrochemical engineering, machinery manufacturing, wire, cable, textile, fiber, plastics, rubber, ceramics, food, pharmaceutical packaging, polyethylene-aluminum composite pipeline, plastic doors and windows, geo-textile, film, wood, paper, auto parts, metal materials and manufacturing.

III. Key description:

1. Host: The machine adopts a gantry floor-type double-spaced structure, pulls up and pushes down, regulates the speed steplessly by lifting and lowering the beam, and can change the test space after the replacement of uprights, lead screws and outer cover. The transmission system is composed of low-noise arc synchromesh gear belt deceleration system and lead screw pair, which is characterized by stable operation, high efficiency, low noise and no pollution.

Main technical indicators

1. Maximum test force: 50KN

2. Tester class: Class 1

3. Allowable error limit of indicating value of test force: Within ±1% of indicating value

4. Range of load measurement: 2%~100% of full scale

5. Limit error of indicating value of displacement: Within ±1% of indicating value

6. Displacement resolution: 0.01m

7. Adjustable range of displacement speed: 0.01-300mm/min

8. Control accuracy of displacement rate: Within ±1% of set value when the rate is ≥1mm/min

9. Effective test width: 400mm

10. Effective distance of space of tension: 0-800mm

11. Dimensions of device host (L×W×H): 760×530×1830 (mm)

12. The movable cross-beam automatically stops moving (or automatically returns to the initial position) after sample breaking

13. Have the function of position limitation protection at program control and machinery levels

14. Automatic stop when the load exceeds 3~5% of rated value

15. Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, 750W

16. Net weight: 420Kg

5T Digital Display Electronic Tensile Machine

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