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  • Electronic Scale (‱)

Electronic Scale (‱)

Product Details


Range scale: Large LCD with white light

Highly sensitive tuch-button

Built-in lower lifting hook for weighing

Overload protection scale

Protection lock for transportation of glass sliding door

FA124/FA224 machines are for export


Quakeproof Grade IV, adjustable weighing speed

Adjustable display mode, dynamic temperature compensation, scaling within full scale

Trackable and adjustable automatic zero position, automatic fault diagnosis, automatic calibration, overload protection and overload alarm function

Counting and weighing function (%) g, ounce, karat and other units for conversion

Weighing range: 200g

Readability: 0.1mg

Repeatability: ≤±0.1mg

Linearity: ≤±0.2mg

Scale size: φ90mm

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