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  • Wire Winding And Torsion Testing Machine

Wire Winding And Torsion Testing Machine

Product Details

Technical parameters

1. Aluminum wire: Ф3mm-6mm, which can be wound with mandril (manual winding is suggested if the diameter is below 3mm)

2. Steel wire: Below Ф4mm  3. Working width of tension disc  200mm

4. Length of mandril  90mm

5. Winding speed  0-60min (adjustable)

6. Diameter of mandril (configuration is required in the new standard):

Ф1.24mm Ф2.25mm Ф2.75mm Ф3.0mm

Ф3.5mm Ф3.72mm Ф4.25mm Ф4.75mm

Ф6.75mm Ф11mm Ф12mm Ф14mm

Ф17mm Ф19mm

7. Torsion speed 0-60/min (adjustable)  8. Motor: Power 0.185KW

9. Rated voltage  200V 50HZ

10. Range of torsion count  999999

11. Torsion weight 5×5Kg

JR-N wire winding and torsion testing machine is a testing machine used to test the toughness and adhesion performance of overhead stranded wire frame and (or) reinforced galvanized steel wire, which meets the requirements of GB/T3428-2002 Galvanized Steel Wire for Overhead Stranded Wire: Winding and Torsion Test.

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