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  • DQ-240 Type Four-Terminal Wiring Clamp

DQ-240 Type Four-Terminal Wiring Clamp

Product Details

1. Usage:

DQ-240 type bridge clamp is suitable for measuring the DC resistance of various power cables and wires and cables of electric equipment specified in GB/T3048 Test Methods for Electrical Properties of Electric Cables and Wire, and is also suitable for measuring the DC resistance of other conductor materials. It uses the quick clamping and withdrawal structure with forward and reversing screws, making it more convenient and flexible to use. The voltage and current clamps are separated to improve the contact point with the sample. In addition, it adopts an aluminum alloy baseplate, and it is reasonable in architecture and easy to use.

2. Technical parameters:

1. Scope of application of sample: Wire core of single or multiple stranded conductors with an area of 1mm2~240mm2

2. Space between two voltage clamps: 100~1,000mm

3. Adaptive bridge: Any bridge and digital resistance measuring meter used in four-point measuring method

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