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  • QJ57B Intelligent Resistance Measuring Meter
  • QJ57B Intelligent Resistance Measuring Meter
  • QJ57B Intelligent Resistance Measuring Meter
  • QJ57B Intelligent Resistance Measuring Meter

QJ57B Intelligent Resistance Measuring Meter

Product Details

I. Functions and features

The meter can measure the resistance from 0 to 2.5MΩ with a maximum accuracy of ±0.05.

Measurement results will be automatically saved and can be inquired at any time, and a maximum of 200 sets of data can be saved.

It provides the calibration function that can be used to digitally calibrate the standard resistance at any time to keep the measured displayed value consistent with the standard value. In addition, it can eliminate the worry that traditional resistance test equipment may cause a deviation that cannot be corrected due to the aging of electronic devices.

It provides a total of ten levels (1mΩ-1MΩ) of automatic gear shifts for pre-measurement, and it can automatically choose a suitable gear for measurement without need for manual selection.

It has the measurement function of wire cable length, so that it can measure the length of the entire hank of wire cable only by accessing both ends of the wire cable.

It has a total of 8 levels (0,001mA-2A) of current for automatic switch. It also provides the measurement function of constant flow source and voltage.

Measurement function of constant current is suitable for the resistance measurement of motors, transformers and inductive coils.

It is equipped with 12864 LCD, touch key and menu parameter setting in Chinese.

It provides intelligent measurement by pressing down the measurement key at the time of measurement.

Mains input: AC220V.

II. Performance indicators

1. Testing range:0-25MΩ

2. Minimum resolution:0.01μΩ

3. Measurement accuracy: ±0.05 (see details in Table 1)

4. Measurement current: 8 levels in total0.001mA、0.01mA、0.1mA、1mA、10mA、0.1A、1A、2A)

5. Measurement gear: 10 gears in total1mΩ-1MΩ)

6. Output of constant flow source: Same as measurement current

7. Measurement method: Four-terminal method

8. Data storage: 200 (may be added as needed)

9.Size of The Meter:(W)258mm*(H)106mm*(D)206mm

QJ57B Intelligent Resistance Measuring Meter

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