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  • PC36C DC Resistance Tester
  • PC36C DC Resistance Tester
  • PC36C DC Resistance Tester

PC36C DC Resistance Tester

Product Details

I. Introduction of performance features:

PC36 series DC resistance measuring meter is a meter dedicated for measuring DC resistance of wire and cable conductors, and its technical performance shall fully meet the technical requirements for measuring equipment given in GB/T3048.4 Test Methods for Electrical Properties of Electric Cables and Wires: Test of DC Resistance of Conductors. In addition, it provides rapid and accurate measurement, stable reading and convenient use, serving as the upgrading product of QJ57 and QJ36 bridges.

II. Basic parameters

Model  PC36C PC36E

Measurement range  001μΩ─200

Measurement current   0.707mA-14.1A

Rate current measurement  0.707I1.00I1.41I

Bidirectional current measurement, provided with current reversing device, which can be used to measure the forward and backward current

Resistance temperature correction: 15-25℃ (enter ambient temperature manually); 0-40℃ (measure and correct temperature automatically)

Display: 4 1/2-digit digital displays, measurement result display, range display, unit display, measurement function display, measurement status display, temperature display, material temperature coefficient display with back lighting

Accuracy level: Level 0.04, Level 0.05, Level 0.1

Power source   AC 220V1±10%),50Hz1±5%)

Power consumption  80VA

Dimensions  360×133×400W×H×Dmm

Mass (weight)   45g

III. Technical requirements

3.1 Service environment conditions for devices

3.1.1 Ambient temperature   0-40

3.1.2 Relative humidity: ≤85%

3.1.3 Power source   220V±10%, 50Hz±2Hz

3.1.4 No electric pulse, electric spark and other electromagnetic fields in addition to the geomagnetic field

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