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  • 25T Flat Vulcanizing machine

25T Flat Vulcanizing machine

Product Details

I. Overview

It is a 25T flat vulkameter and suitable for pressing various molded products, such as molded rubber and plastic, and it is also suitable for thin products. The machine tool adopts a four-column overall structure and the downward (upward) pressing type, and it is composed of main engine, fuel tank and electric cabinet. The main engine is equipped with plunger, cylinder, fixed plate, movable flat plate and other components. The fuel tank is composed of oil pump, pipe, valve and other components. The oil pump is driven by a motor, and the electric cabinet is equipped with button switch, magnetic starter, timing alarm, brake temperature controller and  overload protector, etc. If power source can be automatically cut off in case of motor overload, three-way temperature control will be applied to electric heating using the automatic temperature controller, which can be arbitrarily adjusted within the range of 20-200℃. In addition, the circuit can automatically maintain at a constant temperature after reaching the temperature, and automatically alarm after reaching the set vulcanizing time.


II. Technical specifications:

1Nominal mold clamping force  250KN

2 Specification of hot plate   350×350mm

3 Distance of hot plate   100mm

4 Number of working layers   1--2

5 Maximum hydraulic pressure   14.5MPa

6 Pressure per unit area of hot plate  2MPa

Plunger stroke  200mm

8 Heating mode: Electric heating

9 Motor power  3KW

10dimension L*W*H1233*532*1408MM

11 weight  1.3T

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