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  • Double-Faced Flaker

Double-Faced Flaker

Product Details

Features and usages:

The machine is widely used in rubber, plastics, leather, wire and cable industries and scientific research units, and is indispensable for the preparation of test pieces. It can be used to cut various test pieces with a Shore hardness above 40 degrees and a thickness of 1-12 mm. The sheet material it cuts has a smooth and flat surface; the dimensional tolerance of thickness can be controlled within ±0.2; it can be used to directly cut the test piece without need for grinding.

II. Technical parameters:

1. Table width: 300mm

2. Slice thickness: 1-12mm

3. Slice width: ≤100mm

4. Maximum feed thickness: 20mm

5. Motor type: Y100L-8   1.1KW    710r/min     380V

6. Dimensions: L×W×H: 625×500×1048mm

7. Net weight: 215kg

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